Peter Higgs and Stephen Goode founded Tactical Global Management Limited (TGM) in 1997.  TGM built a reputation for integrity earned over 25 years of providing investment solutions for institutional clients, with pension funds, insurance companies, fund managers, banks, endowments, and charities.  TGM was a global pioneer in overlay asset management including tactical asset allocation (TAA), currency, and rebalancing overlays.  By introducing specialist TAA overlay services in the Australian market, TGM facilitated the move by institutional investors from single manager balanced funds to specialist asset class managers.

In 2000, TGM established a London office and grew its business by managing mandates for large institutional clients in 13 countries across Asia, Europe, and North America.  The GFC and shift to internal management by large institutional investors resulted in TGM expanding its product range, with the development of global equity SDG and Climate Action strategies.  TGM also developed innovative downside protection overlays for equites, in general, but also so that investors concerned with sequencing risks could allocate greater amounts to sustainable equity strategies.

In 2022, TGM entered into a JV with Alpha Vista to incorporate its alpha in TGM’s downside protection overlays, enabling TGM to offer absolute return sustainable equity strategies.  Alpha Vista applies innovative mathematical techniques and quantitative analysis to global capital markets and utilises AI-driven, real-time, risk regime change signaling to generate alpha and improve portfolio resilience.  In September 2023, TGM merged with Alpha Vista to create a range of world best products and strategies.

Dr Peter Higgs (Chairman TGM)  Stephen Goode (Chief Executive Officer TGM)
1st July 2024