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At TGM we encourage clients to think of us as a strategic partner that is committed to providing the best possible service to meet or exceed their investment objectives.  Integrity and our ability to understand the needs of our clients to develop tailored investment solutions is key to our business.

Founded in 1997, TGM was one of the first specialist tactical asset allocation managers globally that facilitated the move by Trustees and investors from a single manager balanced fund to specialist asset class managers.  TGM also introduced rebalancing overlays and currency hedging as part of that service.  We have extensive experience in managing investment programs for institutional clients globally including pension funds, insurance companies, fund managers, banks, endowments, and charities.

Today TGM provides tailored investment solutions for clients including rebalancing and currency hedging overlays, a low volatility equities strategy and systematic global macro and currency alpha strategies.  We manage over $28b across our investment products, including execution services, using exchange traded futures, options, ETFs, swaps and forward foreign exchange contracts.  TGM is also supporting and promoting Sustainable Impact Investing opportunities in both Australia and developing countries.

Tailored Overlay

Tailored Overlays

Tailored Investment Solutions

TGM has more than 20 years experience in providing investment solutions to our clients, so we know that no two clients are the same. Here at TGM we work with our clients to create optimal tailored solutions for each client.



Currency Management Solutions

Operating as an independent currency manager, TGM works with clients to determine the most suitable currency strategy covering both passive or active hedging overlays.

Low Volatility Equity

Low Volatility Equities

Superior Risk Adjusted Returns
TGM has over 20 years experience in developing products that provide superior risk adjusted returns.  TGM’s Low Volatility Equities strategy provides equity like returns with lower volatility and reduced drawdowns when compared to traditional equity market investments.



Execution and Implementation Services.

With over 20 years experience in derivative markets, TGM is able to offer Best Execution to our clients across global markets including futures, options, ETFs, swaps and spot and forward FX.

Alpha Strategies

Alpha Strategies

Global Markets

TGM has been providing global alpha strategies for over 20 years, using macroeconomic fundamental and factor based models to exploit mis-pricing in global equity and currency markets.

Sustainable Impact Investing

Sustainable Impact Investing

Building blocks for sustainable economic growth

TGM is proudly supporting projects that create the building blocks of sustainable economic growth.

News & Research

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