Technologies that provide sustainable renewable energy and assist in energy management are also key for economic growth.  Perryman Technologies have developed a thermal storage battery that has the potential to make a major contribution towards the global shift to renewable energy.  The UN sustainable development goals supported by this technology include SDG 7 (Clean Energy), SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities), and SDG 13 (Climate Action).

Storing energy as heat is the most efficient way to store energy.  Furthermore metal is an excellent medium to store heat.  The technology essentially uses metals together with ceramics to store thermal energy.  The efficiency of the battery does not deteriorate as the unit is charged and discharged.  It is space efficient and, depending on the conditions it is deployed, the battery is expected to last many decades.  Also no materials are used that have negative environmental impact in manufacturing or decommission.  These batteries can be charged directly with high temperature solar thermal heat using a film developed by Perryman Technologies that reflects both visible light and infrared or using a magnetic induction charging system which efficiently converts electrical energy from the grid or from wind farms or other sources of renewable energy into thermal energy.

This technology has the potential to address energy poverty, greatly assist attempts to cut carbon emissions, and produce 24/7 energy supply globally from renewable sources.  Applications include: providing energy for remote locations that are off-grid, for communities that have a micro-grid, and for the grid itself; peaking as it has the ability to deliver a very fast discharge rate; providing direct thermal energy for air conditioning, heating, and industrial applications as well as a mix of electric and thermal energy; deployment in industrial applications as well as homes; being charged in one location and deployed in another, i.e. they are transportable; and powering most modes of transport including ships, planes, trains, trucks, buses, and cars.

TGM is working with Perryman Technologies to offer investment opportunities in Australia and the Pacific Islands Forum countries to investors.

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