Tactical Global Management (TGM) is supporting and bringing to the Australian market sustainable impact investment opportunities that offer attractive investment returns as well as making an environmental and humanitarian contribution. As well as the Global Sustainable Equities products developed by TGM, we also support investment opportunities consistent with the pre-conditions required for long-term sustainable economic growth, such as peace and stability, education and health, and reliable renewable energy.

TGM is focussed on opportunities in developing countries and Australia.  We are well placed to do this through our connections globally and our ability to act as the connection point for local investors.

An important aspect of sustainable impact investing is the tracking and monitoring of the environmental and humanitarian contribution made by the investment.  This is something we support and believe is important for investors so that they can monitor that their investment is being deployed in the manner promised.

Should you be interested in any of the available investment opportunities outlined, or seek assistance in sourcing other Sustainable Impact Investing opportunities, please contact TGM for further information.