TGM and Alpha Vista Financial Services (AVFS) are excited to announce a strategic merger that combines their complementary intellectual property and leverages Alpha Vista’s AI capabilities and TGM’s 25 years of asset management experience.

Merging Alpha Vista’s leading AI technology with TGM’s IP and expertise creates a platform for our clients that can deliver much deeper insight into portfolio construction, dynamic asset allocation and innovative risk management solutions, all for the benefit of our clients.

Over the last couple of years, TGM has been working closely with AVFS to develop world best joint products, such as a downside protection overlay for equity investments that incorporates AI signals, and the merger will accelerate the growth of the merged organization globally.  It also provides a larger financial resource base from which to expand products and support our clients as they continue to grow.

What will this mean for TGM’s clients?

  • Business as usual as regards the services you receive and the staff providing those services from TGM.
  • Even more exciting and innovative investment solutions will be made available for clients of TGM – current plans include:
    • active currency overlays;
    • enhanced rebalancing overlays; and
    • tactical asset allocation overlays all incorporating market signals generated by Alpha Vista’s AI processes.
  • Access to a larger company along with the financial resources and ability to deliver on larger and more ambitious projects that meet client’s emerging needs.